Digital Chama

Start a Digital Chama and Enjoy the Benefits
Digital Cham
Start a Digital Chama and Enjoy the Benefits
  1. Easy remittance of chama contributions- Each member gets their own personal chama link which they can use anytime to send cash to the chama account
  2. Send contributions from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD- Using the Paypal option, you can now contribute to your Digital Chama from anywhere in the world.
  3. Records- the Chama treasure receives real time records of all payments, on the chama Dashboard.
  4. Export records to PDF, Print or Excel for accounting and reporting purposes.
How it works
The Chama Treasurer will simply create a Tujenge pay account, choose the “Digital Chama” option and proceed to add chama members.
Start contributing to your Digital Chama
Each added member will receive a unique payments link. Use this link at any time to send your contributions to the Chama. Your Unique Chama link allows the system to identify your payment and add it to your record of payments.
Keep track of members’ contributions
The Tujenge Pay Chama dash board displays the total amount collected by the Digital Chama group and allows you to view the details of payments made to the account.
Transfer Cash Instantly to bank account at No Extra cost.
Tujenge Pay enables you to transfer money anytime directly to your Chama bank account instantly and at NO EXTRA COST.
A platform management fee of 2.5% is charged by the Tujenge pay Platform on each payment made over the platform.