Mpesa Buttons

Easy to generate Mpesa Buttons
for your website.
Mpesa Buttons
Easy to generate Mpesa Buttons for your website.
Start receiving payments on your website in 4 easy steps
  1. Create your Tujenge pay account
  2. Create an organization
  3. Create your Mpesa-button.
  4. You can convert your button into an online-checkout.
How it works
After creating your button and giving it a name eg “Pay via Mpesa”, copy the code that is generated
onto your website’s HTML.
Modify your button into a check-out button
To configure checkout options to your button, add a call back URL to start receiving data after payments
have been completed. You can also add a redirect URL which will redirect users back to your site after
making their purchase. You can also provide an optional check-out identifier which will be returned
together with the check-out data.
Track your sales
Check your sales through your Tujenge Pay dashboard. The detailed records show who paid, their contacts
and amount paid. Export the data to excel, pdf and print.
Withdraw Cash Instantly
Tujenge Pay enables you to withdraw your money anytime directly to your MPESA phone or bank account instantly.
A platform management fee of 2.5% is charged by the Tujenge pay Platform on each payment made over the platform.