Fundraising &

Tools for charities and online donations.
Fundraising & crowdfunding
Tools for charities and online donations with discounted low rates.
Payment Links to receive Donations, Charities and do Fundraising Online.
  1. Sign up on
  2. Go to fundraising links
  3. Fill in your fundraising campaign details.
  4. Share your fundraising link with friends, family & well-wishers via whatsapp, social media, email or SMS.
  5. Start receiving donations!
How it works
After creating your fundraising link, share it via the different communication channels. All interested donors will
click the link to send money to you. Money is sent via Mpesa and PayPal.
Know Who supported you
Tujenge pay gives you records of friends and well-wishers who supported you financially, and you can send them
a thank-you message later.
Withdraw cash instantly
Tujenge pay enables you to withdraw your money anytime directly to your bank account instantly.
A platform management fee of 5% is charged by the TujengePay platform on each transaction enabled.