TujengePay Links

Share your payments links on social media
and in messages.
TujengePay Links
Share your payments links on websites, social media and in messages.
Create your payment link fast.
  1. Create your Tujenge pay account
  2. Create an organization
  3. Grab a quick payment link
How it works
A payment link is a fast an easy way to receive payments from anyone as long as
they have your payment link. Use the link to invoice for services or any other purpose.
People simply click the link and send cash to you, no need to know your phone number,
account number or other personal details.
See who sent you money
Check who sent money through your Tujenge Pay dashboard. The detailed records
show who paid, their contacts and amount paid. Export the data to excel, pdf and print.
Withdraw Cash Instantly
Tujenge Pay enables you to withdraw your money anytime directly to your MPESA phone or bank account instantly.
A platform management fee of 2.5% is charged by the Tujenge pay Platform on each payment made over the platform.